About Us

Remocon was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing superior property access solutions to the needs of Property Managers across Canada (and worldwide), with custom solutions and a price-point that will save you money, guaranteed

We focus on helping Property Managers recuperate large financial losses that incur when big-name manufacturers of property access systems prematurely discontinue a line of products without warning.

This can often leave property managers assuming they have no other option but to upgrade their entire access system, which can cost multiple thousands of dollars while often offering little to no feasible upgrades in functionality, quality, or design.

Remocon bridges the gap where big name companies see profitability in cutting off support: 

We provide comprehensive third-party support for such discontinued systems, while providing new equipment (if required) which can often exceed the original equipment in quality, design, and functionality at a fraction of the cost of an unnecessary system overhaul.

Looking to improve your property access system while saving thousands in unnecessary fees?

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