ProxCon™ HID Compatible Fobs
ProxCon™ HID Compatible Fobs
ProxCon™ HID Compatible Fobs

ProxCon™ HID Compatible Fobs

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*** Key fobs will look like photo #2 or #3 ***

Compatible with:

HID 1346 ProxKey III - D10202 33 Bit format

HID 1346 ProxKey III - H10301 26bit format 

HID 1346 ProxKey III - H10304 37 Bit format 

... and many more. Please let us know if you're unsure!

ProxCon™ Aftermarket Key fobs are available in a very wide range of formats. ProxCon™ Key fobs are built to last and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Save money today by ordering ProxCon™ key fobs at up to 50% off OEM prices!

Why you should buy PROXCON Key Fobs:

Amazing Lifetime warranty

All key fobs come with a lifetime warranty against any defects. We will send you a replacement if any of the key fobs break!


Amazing Support

When you call us at remocon, you will reach a well trained technician. Not a receptionist who doesn't know the product and doesn't have power to make a decision. 

Amazing Durability

Since we offer a lifetime warranty, we ensure all our products will last a lifetime. As we don't make money replacing broken key fobs! We are currently on our third generation of key fob which has been designed to fix any issues we have had in the past. Our current key fob is:

1. 100% fully sealed and waterproof. We found a majority of broken key fobs was due to water entering the fob and wearing down the wires.

2. Dual Chipped to ensure redundancy. We are the ONLY people on the planet to offer DUAL chipped key fobs. 

3. Thin, light and bendable. This makes it so that if even a car runs over our key fob it will NOT break as it can bend itself to the right shape.!

Take a look at our demonstration video to see how durable the fobs are:



• Easily attaches to a key ring, badge clip or badge lanyard

• Built to to last in harsh environments - Water resistant

• Universal compatibility with HID readers

• Size: 39 mm x 35mm x 4mm

• Read distance: 3-10cm

• 125 kHz proximity card

    Compatible HID configurations: 1346LSSAN, 1346LSSBN, 1346LSSCN, 1346LSSMN,1346LSSNN, 1346LSSRN, 1346LSSSN, 1346NSSAN, 1346NSSBN, 1346NSSMN, 1346NSSNN, 1346NSSSN